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Hand Up WebDev will audit your website’s, domain, permalinks, meta tags, titles and descriptions. We will also audit your SEO, back links, keywords, and a competitive analyses of your competitors’ websites.

Using the audit, our team will provide an action plan to increase your business and ROI.

What we do

After crawling your website and deploying the action plan, our team will continue to audit and track your website. We will continue to audit the website, its performance, speed and ease of use. 

Our step-by-step plan to grow your business is ever evolving as the search engine algorithms are always changing.

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Putting the audit into action

A website audit is an essential process for evaluating the overall health, functionality, and performance of a website. It involves a comprehensive review of all the elements that make up a website: content, design, usability, and all technical aspects.

get discovered

Our team helps you get discovered through take a deep dive into your SEO.

optimize your website

We ensure your website is performing optimally and delivering the best experience. 

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